We are all aware that data is the new oil of the digital era. 100 years ago, oil defined wealth but now companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are huge profit earners – because they own and control data.

Think about it, every time you search on Google for something, you leave a data footprint like your IP address, your location, your email etc. This data can be used by giant companies to sell to you. Voice assistants weren’t created simply for convenience from Google, Apple and Amazon – they want to know what you’re asking about and sell to you!

It is valuable for companies in that databases are vital for sales and marketing. You’re aware too that with 84% of internet browsing taking place on smartphones, with many glued to social media apps, your digital presence and data collection and distribution needs to be secure and fast.

5G is on the horizon too and it will arrive in Milton Keynes soon, according to local news reports.

This will make data transfer even faster.

5G has not been without controversy though across the UK as some areas still don’t have universal 4G coverage and these residents feel peeved that a Fifth Generation network is rolling out nationally. There’s also the fact that expensive Android and Apple phones launched in the past year will not be 5G compatible, although new hardware will be in the future.

Forbes disputes that data is the new oil but it does acknowledge its power in this article:

Of course, data, like oil is a source of power. And those who control it (think of Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook or Google) are establishing themselves as masters of the universe, just as oil barons did 100 years ago. This has even led some to suggest that the data-mining giants have a responsibility to ensure that their resources are put to work for the benefit of humanity as a whole, rather than simply being allowed to enrich themselves. Unlike oil drilling, however, data mining does not intrinsically involve causing damage to the natural environment and exploitation of finite natural resources (apart from the electricity used to run the system).

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